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Tax Returns: Top 10 Homesteading Things to Buy With Your Refund

By The Coastal Homestead | Feb 16, 2016

Tax Returns: Top 10 Homesteading Things to Buy With Your Refund Winter is a very slow time for our business (we are contractors) and although I loathe preparing our taxes for our accountant, I love getting our refund (if we get a refund). It is the one time of the year we can knock out…

Beekeeping on a Budget

By The Coastal Homestead | May 25, 2015

  If you have read my post about Getting Started with Bees ( click here if you haven’t read it yet) then you already know that getting started with beekeeping can be a pretty expensive initial investment, just two hives and safety equipment for two people can cost around $1,000-yikes! You’re going to get stung enough…

Allergies- Top 10 Natural Remedies

By The Coastal Homestead | Mar 23, 2016

Allergies- Top 10 Natural Remedies to help relieve symptoms So it is allergy season, your nose is stuffy, eyes are watery and itchy, you can’t open your windows, & you are miserable. But what are allergies and what can you do to feel better? Think of pollen as little sea urchins floating up your nasal…

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Welcome! I'm Amber of The Coastal Homestead. We live on the coast in a tourist community, about as far from the farm life as you can get, but somehow we make it work. 
In the middle of the chaos, HOA's, county laws, the keeping up with the Jone's and full-time jobs we are able to find simplicity and connect with nature and our roots.  

As a married mother of three, self-employed contractor, 4-H leader, herb society president, writer, blogger, community volunteer, and a DIYer, I understand the daily struggles of running a household, being a single mother, financial stress, sickness, and obstacles because I've been there. I've walked in those shoes and I have learned from many of my mistakes along the way. 

I share our journey about creating a homestead with what you have, having less and enjoying more, and empowering you to do the same. 

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