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Top 10 Homesteading Resolutions to Make for 2017

By The Coastal Homestead |

  Top 10 Homesteading Resolutions to Make for 2017 Are you tired of a full schedule that is void of substance?  Do you want more Freedom, Independence and a Self-Sufficient lifestyle? Does Homesteading appeal to you? If you answered yes to any of these questions then it’s time to start your homesteading journey and make…

Green Home: Sustainable Ways for Living on Planet Earth

By The Coastal Homestead |

Green Home: Sustainable Ways of Living on Planet Earth This article is a guest post from Jeffery Marlow  Efficient building is not a new phenomenon. In times past it may have been known as smart building or may have been a business practice that differentiated failed companies, from those that were passed on to succeeding…

Getting started with bees

By The Coastal Homestead |

Getting Started with Bees & start-up cost In terms of homesteading trends that have gained popularity in the last decade, beekeeping has to be at the top of the list; from rooftop apiaries to backyard urban beekeeping. With all of the media buzz (pun intended) about CDC (Colony Collapse Disorder) and the increased awareness of…

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Welcome! I'm Amber of The Coastal Homestead. We live on the coast in a tourist community, about as far from the farm life as you can get, but somehow we make it work. 
In the middle of the chaos, HOA's, county laws, the keeping up with the Jone's and full-time jobs we are able to find simplicity and connect with nature and our roots.  

As a married mother of three, self-employed contractor, 4-H leader, herb society president, writer, blogger, community volunteer, and a DIYer, I understand the daily struggles of running a household, being a single mother, financial stress, sickness, and obstacles because I've been there. I've walked in those shoes and I have learned from many of my mistakes along the way. 

I share our journey about creating a homestead with what you have, having less and enjoying more, and empowering you to do the same. 

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