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Christmas in July- Gifts From the Garden to Make Now for a Stress-free Holiday

By The Coastal Homestead | | 0 Comments

Christmas in July? With the temperatures reaching the triple digits in many parts of the country, the last thing you want to think about is Christmas and spending money. The stress of the holidays can be overwhelming for families, so change the way you spend the Christmas Season by making your gifts now for a…

Best Spaghetti Sauce Ever~Better than Prego!

By The Coastal Homestead | | 1 Comment

The Best Spaghetti Sauce EVER! Better than Prego If you are new on your homesteading or healthy-eating journey, one of the challenges you may be facing is finding recipes that taste as good as the ones you are used to buying from the store, this was my challenge when finding a Spaghetti Sauce recipe my…

Strawberry Tops- 5 Amazing Uses + Bonus Video

By The Coastal Homestead |

Strawberry Tops- 5 Amazing uses and a bonus video! Are strawberry tops safe to eat? Not only are they safe to eat but they are full of vitamins and here are 5 ways to use them! Have you been throwing the best part of the strawberry away all these years? Well maybe not the best…

3 Easy Ways to Dehydrate Herbs Without a Dehydrator

By The Coastal Homestead | | 1 Comment

3 Ways to Dehydrate Herbs Without a Dehydrator. Drying herbs has to be one of the easiest things to do to preserve your harvest and save money. You can use your dehydrated herbs for: gifts, tea blends, spice mixes, potpourri and so much more. I love projects that take very little time and effort but have…

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Welcome! I'm Amber of The Coastal Homestead. We live on the coast in a tourist community, about as far from the farm life as you can get, but somehow we make it work. 
In the middle of the chaos, HOA's, county laws, the keeping up with the Jone's and full-time jobs we are able to find simplicity and connect with nature and our roots.  

As a married mother of three, self-employed contractor, 4-H leader, herb society president, writer, blogger, community volunteer, and a DIYer, I understand the daily struggles of running a household, being a single mother, financial stress, sickness, and obstacles because I've been there. I've walked in those shoes and I have learned from many of my mistakes along the way. 

I share our journey about creating a homestead with what you have, having less and enjoying more, and empowering you to do the same. 

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