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How to Be Poor- What to Do When You Lose Everything

How to Be Poor-What to Do When You Lose Everything Lose your job? Lose of a loved one? Divorce? Health Issues? Life Emergency? We never plan for life crisis and yet, they always find us- when we are completely unprepared. Whether it is our own doing or no fault of our own we end up…

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20 Free Things to Do in Any Town or City

We have become a society where happiness can be bought with money (or so we have been told by social media) and so few of us have any. So we punish ourselves with guilt thinking we are unable to provide fun for our family because we cannot afford to. Working hard all the time, and…

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How to Save Money on Produce

10 ways to help you save $ on local and organic produce This post is part of a series from an interview with a local produce stand owner and operator, Mary Beth Pope of Mary Beth’s Sustainable Foods located in South Carolina, selling locally sourced and organic food. Mary Beth has operated a successful local produce…

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