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DIY Everything Scrub-better than Comet!

DIY Everything Scrub- better than Comet! I call this the Everything Scrub because I literally use it on everything from: Sinks to Tubs, Pots and Pans, Oven, Burnt on food, Dirty hands, Etc. You will love how efficiently this scrub works- one of my favorite recipes and best sellers! I have taken years to develop…

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DIY All-Purpose Citrus Kitchen Cleaner

¬† All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner Did you know there is a difference between your kitchen cleaner and kitchen disinfectant? Some cleaners are meant to clean (lift grease) and some are meant to disinfect (kill germs), rarely does your average kitchen cleaner do both. Not only that, but if you are spraying your counters then wiping them…

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The 3 G’s of Kitchen Cleaning

  The 3 G’s of Kitchen Cleaning Good for You, Good for the Environment, Good (great) for Your Wallet Growing up, I had what most would consider severe allergy issues. Everything made me sick and I couldn’t take majority of the medicines that would help me. Out of necessity, my mother joined an organic food…

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