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Supply List for Chicks

Supply List for Getting started with Chickens Ready for some FRESH, Organic, Nutrient-dense, Delicious Eggs ??? Spring has sprung and you’re dying to become a member of the exceedingly growing population of backyard and urban chicken keepers.  You’ve done all your research, you’ve decided what type of chickens you want, you know how many to…

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Getting Started With Chickens

Getting Started with Chickens My grandparents raised chickens, along with many family members out west, but they have long passed and seeking their wisdom is a window that closed several years ago (what I wouldn’t give to have that opportunity again). If my grandma had a cup of coffee in her hand she had a…

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Chickens- getting started part 3 ordering-1 week old

Congratulations on your decision to add chickens to your homestead and on your journey to Food Independence! It is a big step and a rewarding , I am glad you decided to join us. If you have read part 1 and 2 you are ready to go, if not here is the link to one…

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