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10 Homesteading Resolutions to Make for 2016

Seasonal cooking takes advantage of beautiful, colorful & fresh seasonal produce. When cooking with what is in season, you are using produce with a higher nutritional value and optimal flavor. Seasonal cooking is more sustainable, as it generally requires less travel time and is sourced locally. 

Practice cooking seasonally by visiting your local farm, farmers market, or your back yard~ Your dishes will never taste better!

Sweet Potato Quiche- Gluten & Grain Free

Sweet Potato Quiche

By The Coastal Homestead | May 16, 2016

  Sweet Potato Quiche- Gluten and Grain Free! Sweet Potato Quiche- I am always looking for new recipes my family will eat and enjoy, this recipe did not disappoint! The sweet potato crust brings a nice balance to the savory filling and it’s loaded with seasonal produce that should be easy to find any time…

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Benefits of strawberries with over 30 ways to use them!

Benefits of Strawberries & Over 30 Ways to Use Them!

By The Coastal Homestead | May 3, 2016

Benefits of Strawberries and over 30 ways to use them! Strawberry picking is one of the nostalgic memories I have of my youth and it is a tradition I have passed on to my children. Very rarely do we ever miss a strawberry season that we don’t go picking as a family. With the old…

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Stuffing Loaf Bread- never buy store-bought again. Easy to make bread that taste just like stuffing.

Stuffing Bread Loaf: Never buy store-bought again

By The Coastal Homestead | Nov 24, 2015

Stuffing Bread Loaf  special thanks to King Arthur Flour for the inspiration  This recipe for Stuffing bread is so delicious and full of savory flavor, you will never buy store-bought again. Stuffing Bread Loaf- Never buy store-bought again Save Recipe Print Recipe Ingredients2 3/4 cups All purpose unbleached flour (I use King Arthur)2 teaspoons instant yeast1…

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Home made maple syrup without a maple tree. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is and how delicious it taste!

Home Made “Maple” Syrup- without a maple tree

By The Coastal Homestead | Nov 2, 2015

Home Made “Maple Syrup” without a maple tree! Homemade “Maple” Syrup- without a maple tree Several years ago I was reading a farming magazine when I came across a recipe for Corn Cob Syrup- a maple syrup knockoff made from corn cobs. The article had attached quotes saying “my grandfather swears this is better than…

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Easy candied nuts with only three ingredients. Plus bonus flavor add-ins.

Easy Candied Nuts- Only 3 Ingredients!

By The Coastal Homestead | Sep 29, 2015

  Easy Candied Nuts with Only 3 Ingredients Fall and the holidays are a favorite time to enjoy the sweet and savory taste of flavored nuts. Whether covered in cinnamon and sugar or sea salt and rosemary, everyone loves to snack on these delicious treats. Perfect for gift-giving or your holiday entertaining, you are sure…

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Taco Seasoning- better than store-bought and easy to make

Taco Seasoning- better than the package!

By The Coastal Homestead | Aug 23, 2015

Taco Seasoning- better than the package! Taco seasoning is one of those kitchen staples we never think of making from scratch, I  believe we feel it would be too difficult to make or there is some secret ingredient that would be impossible to replicate. Truth is, it is very easy, full of flavor and best…

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Skillet herbed chicken and tomatoes over pasta

Skillet Herbed Chicken & Tomatoes

By The Coastal Homestead | Aug 4, 2015

  Skillet Herbed Chicken & Tomatoes This simple dish taste as good as it looks. Pallet-pleasing flavors and eye catching colors, this is sure to be one of your families staples. Skillet herbed Chicken & Tomatoes Ingredients 1-1/2 pounds thin-sliced chicken, boneless 1 1/2 teaspoons dried basil leaves or 3 1/2 TBS of Fresh basil 1…

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Palmetto Farms Shrimp and Grits

Palmetto Farm Shrimp and Grits

By The Coastal Homestead | Jul 26, 2015

Southern Shrimp- n- Grits Recipe from Palmetto Farms FOR GRITS 1 ½ cups chicken broth 1 ½ cups milk 3/4 cup Palmetto Farms Stone Ground Grits 1 cup cheddar cheese 1/4 tsp. salt (or more to taste) FOR SHRIMP TOPPING 1 cup diced bacon 1 lb . medium peeled shrimp ½ cup thinly sliced onion…

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Red, White and Blue-Berry Goodness easy appetizer for the 4th of July. Wow your guest with an appetizer the kids can create

Red, White and Blue-Berry Goodness Appetizer

By The Coastal Homestead | Jun 25, 2015

  Red, White and Blue-Berry Goodness Appetizer This amazing dish couldn’t be easier to make and the WOW factor is certainly there. Little hands can help with assembling this beautiful appetizer for your picnic or gathering . Red, White and Blue-Berry Goodness Ingredients Blueberries Raspberries or Strawberries Miniature Marshmallows (you can substitute with another fruit…

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Chocolate Cups-turn the ordinary into extraordinary with this easy to follow recipe.

Chocolate Cups – turn the ordinary into extraordinary!

By The Coastal Homestead | Jun 2, 2015

Chocolate Cups- turn the ordinary into extraordinary! What fun AND so easy to create! Chocolate Cup Ingredients 1 bag semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips 1 bag white chocolate chips 2 microwave safe bowls Small balloons (snag at a party or dollar store) Parchment or waxed paper Cookie sheet Chocolate Cup Directions Place the semi-sweet or milk…

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