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3 Easy Ways to Dehydrate Herbs Without a Dehydrator

3 Easy Ways to Dehydrate Herbs Without a Dehydrator

By The Coastal Homestead | Jun 20, 2016

3 Ways to Dehydrate Herbs Without a Dehydrator. Drying herbs has to be one of the easiest things to do to preserve your harvest and save money. You can use your dehydrated herbs for: gifts, tea blends, spice mixes, potpourri and so much more. I love projects that take very little time and effort but have…

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Edible landscape edging, quick and easy

Edible Landscape Edging- Quick & Easy

By The Coastal Homestead | Jun 14, 2016

Quick & Easy Edible Landscape Edging I should have added Cheap to the title as well because this little gardening idea is about the most affordable and attractive landscape edging you can do. The bonus? It is edible! How many people can claim that their landscape edging is edible? I used leaf lettuce for this…

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Benefits of strawberries with over 30 ways to use them!

Benefits of Strawberries & Over 30 Ways to Use Them!

By The Coastal Homestead | May 3, 2016

Benefits of Strawberries and over 30 ways to use them! Strawberry picking is one of the nostalgic memories I have of my youth and it is a tradition I have passed on to my children. Very rarely do we ever miss a strawberry season that we don’t go picking as a family. With the old…

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Gardening in a Crisis. Over 30 veggies you can grow in 52 days or less plus meat sources!

Gardening in a Crisis: Over 30 Veggies You Can Grow in 52 Days or Less!

By The Coastal Homestead | Feb 29, 2016

Have you noticed the increasing cost of produce lately? From food shortages to rising prices, the threats to our food supply are significant and we can’t ignore the signs and think we will be okay. A food shortage is looming over our nation and we need to be prepared, start by growing your garden before…

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How to be like Johnny Appleseed, and why you would want to.

How to be Like Johnny Appleseed- and why you need to!

By The Coastal Homestead | Jan 10, 2016

How to be Like Johnny Appleseed- and why you need to! To say I admire the life of John Champan would be a huge understatement. He lived the life that we are striving everyday to achieve. Who is John Chapman? You might know him better as Johnny Appleseed. John was from a different time but…

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DIY Seeds for Tomorrow Shaker- planting for pollinators

DIY Seeds for Tomorrow Shaker: plant for pollinators

By The Coastal Homestead | Jan 10, 2016

DIY Seeds for Tomorrow Shaker; planting for pollinators As a beekeeper and a avid gardener, I realize the importance for both (plants and bees) in my existence. But not just my existence, that of the human race as well. Almost 90 percent of the world’s flowering species require insects or other animals for pollination. What will…

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Everything Garlic! Planting, Cooking, Medicine, you want garlic info? It's right here!

Everything Garlic: Growing, Cooking and Medicine

By Amber Bradshaw | Aug 18, 2015

Garlic has to be one of the favorites of both the culinary and medicinal world. It has been in use for over 5000 years and it’s popularity is growing stronger than ever. I’m not sure if that is due in part of the Twilight series becoming so popular or the ever-increasing amount of antibiotic resistant…

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How to Grow Sweet Potatoes in 5 easy steps. Everything you need to know to start growing sweet potatoes for FREE

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes- in 5 Easy Steps

By The Coastal Homestead | Aug 16, 2015

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes- in 5 Easy Steps I’ve never ran across a sweet potato I didn’t like; Sweet Potato Fries, Sweet Potato Casserole, Sweet Potatoes and Beets, Sweet Potato Noodles, Sweet Potatoes and Marshmallows, Sweet Potato Pie, Sweet Potato Butter, Sweet Potato Chips– you name it SWEET and I like it *insert Bubba…

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Gardening from A-Z part 4, a gardening idea for every letter in the alphabet.

Gardening Ideas from A to Z Part 4

By The Coastal Homestead | May 31, 2015

Part 4 Check out this UH-MAY-ZING series of gardening ideas from every letter in the alphabet! Join me in this gardening series as we journey through every letter of the alphabet, reading about different gardening methods from Experts all over the country. Whether you are gardening on a balcony or 100 acres, from the novice…

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