Gardening Ideas from A-Z Part 2

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Gardening from A-Z part 2, a gardening idea for every letter in the alphabet.


Gardening from A-Z

Part 2

Check out this UH-MAY-ZING series of gardening ideas from every letter in the alphabet!

Join me in this gardening series as we journey through every letter of the alphabet, reading about different gardening methods from Experts all over the country. Whether you are gardening on a balcony or 100 acres, from the novice gardener to advance, there is something for everyone!!!



A-Z gardening tips for every letter in the alphabet


F= Frugal and Free

Frugal and Free Landscape and Garden 

Did your money tree fail to produce this year? Do you want a pretty yard or a lush garden but low on cash? Have no fear, The Queen of the frugal gardeners is here! I have over 15 tips to help you have a frugal & free landscape and garden.

I am frugal for two reasons; # 1 out of need. We are a self-employed family of five who practices eating a whole food, organic diet. As you can imagine, most of our budget goes towards sustaining us. #2 I am frugal because I like a challenge and don’t believe in wasting or paying full price.

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Gardening tips from A-Z

G = Gutter Gardening

Get You Mind in the Gutter (AND YOUR LETTUCE TOO!)

Welcome back to the farm! Grab a glass of iced tea, sit in the swing and enjoy your stay!

Are y’all on Pinterest Yet?  I know, I know, it can be a major time sucker, but the ideas on there are SO GOOD!  Sometimes I’m even inspired to get out of my computer chair and try one!  I pinned this “salad box” awhile back, knowing that somehow, I was going to find a place to make this gutter garden.
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G= Greenhouse

Use a Polytunnel to Extend Your Growing Season

Gardening in Maine is tough. Our season is definitely coming to an end, with only kale, gourds and some herbs hanging on. The sunflowers suffered a cold snap and have drooped. The zinnias are the only flowers still showing life. The autumn foliage here in the northeast is the most beautiful in the country, but that beauty does not carry on in the garden beds.

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How to Grow Vegetables in a Greenhouse

At the end of the fall harvest season, most people clean up their garden beds, put away their gardening tools, and settle in by the fire for a cold, dormant winter. But the people that know how to grow vegetables in a greenhouse will continue to plant, harvest and enjoy fresh produce all winter long!

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Winter Growing Conditions in a Greenhouse

Winter gardening is gaining more and more popularity. Why only have fresh garden produce in the summer if you could harvest garden goodies all winter long? New and not so new exciting ways are being developed from cold frames to heated greenhouses to do just that.

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Gardening from A-Z, a gardening tip for every letter in the alphabet

 H= Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic and Aquaponic Gardening- growing food without soil

What is Hydroponic Gardening? Basically hydroponic gardening is growing food without soil, adding refined minerals to water that circulates around the roots of the plants that are grown in some type of container. If I told my grandparents (God rest their souls) about this, my grandmother would immediately start crossing herself with the Trinity and think I was talking blasphemy- no joke!  When I first thought of growing food using any other method than the one I grew up with, and the way my grandparents used, the first thought came mind was Lost in Space and The Jetsons.

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Gardening from A-Z part 2. A gardening method for every letter in the alphabet from A-Z

I= Indoor Gardening


How to Start An Indoor Herb Garden by Herbal Academy of New England Read More Here

Have you ever wondered about the bounty that nature gives us each and every year? If you’re here, I’m betting you have.  We do love wildcrafting here at the Herbal Academy of New England, but we understand that maybe you need some herbs that don’t naturally grow in your backyard or down the local nature trail. So what’s an herbalist to do? We can buy them, which can be expensive, and requires us to research the growing practices of the place we’re buying from. We can also grow our own, at least for certain herbs. Cultivating your own garden can give you such a sense of accomplishment when you go from seed all the way to your plate or tea.

10 Reasons You Should Grow Indoors by The 104 Homestead Read More Here

Whether you live up in the northern part of the world where it gets super cold for the better half of a year, or in the south where the climate is pretty moderate and you could garden outdoors any time of year… I believe YOU should also be gardening. Not just any sort of gardening though. I’m talking about indoor gardening! No really… maybe you should read through these reasons, and then decide?

Growing Herbs Indoors by Survival at Home Read More Here

Herb gardening is a great hobby to have even if you’re not into the whole “tilling up the land” kind of gardening. Gardening is therapeutic, and if you’re growing herbs, you can do some amazing things with them. From seasoning your food to making a sensational smelling potpourri, this cheap hobby will actually save you money at the grocery store! If you’re not sure what herbs to start with, check out my article on The 5 Easiest Herbs to Grow. Just realize, there are tons more herbs to be grown!

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Gardening ideas from A-Z. Learning a different gardening method for every letter in the alphabet. Part 2


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