15 Quick Ways to Make Money From Home: Part 2

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15 Quick Ways to Make Money from Home; Part 2

15 Quick Ways to Make Money From Home; part 2


We’ve all been there.  You need money for something and are flat broke. You’re either between jobs, or your paycheck is two weeks away, you just had to pay rent, you missed work because you or the kids were sick, or you had some other expense that took precedence. But you need money now so what do you do?

I want to help you, but first let me share a few things.

I am in my mid 40’s and I have been self-employed since I was sixteen years old. Don’t get me wrong. I am not rolling in the money, I don’t own a platinum credit card (or any credit card for that matter), but I have never needed money and not been able to figure out a way to make it quick.  These are my Top 15 Quick Ways to Make Money.  They’ve worked for me and some of them should work for you.

If you would like any more details, help, guidance, motivation, a swift kick in the rear, contact me and I would be happy to help. Zig Ziglar once said “In order to get what you want in life, help enough other people get what they want”. We are all in this together and there is room for everyone.

#9 Make Money Quick with Blogging and or Writing

This tip really isn’t a quick way to make money from home but it is one way too make money; unless of course you have a huge amount of contacts that will support your efforts, then you can start off with a bang. Blogging is a very slow process, v  e  r  y       s  l  o  w  process. There is so much more involved than simply writing good content and making money. My advice is if you want to start blogging is to first read everything about blogging that you possibly can, there are thousands of articles on this subject all over the internet. Then I would suggest start writing articles and stockpiling them; I started out with 60 subject/article ideas I wanted to write about and thought that would keep my busy for a while, wrong. It is always good to have a running list of ideas for inspiration. Then I would join a Facebook group with similar blog content to gain a support system and from whom you can get guidance. You will fins a lot of bloggers are happy to help and offer advice. If you are planning on making money from blogging in hope of having it as your full-time job, then be prepared to put full-time hours into it, successful bloggers are working 40+ hour weeks.

Write for others. I have made a lot more money writing for others than I ever have from my own blog. Start by researching magazines and websites with similar content and contact them about submitting articles. You may have to write several articles just for exposure at first, but then after you have proven yourself and made a name for yourself you will start getting offers for money. Many websites/bloggers have Guest Posts in which you write an article for their website and the content belongs to them but you will get the credit for it and get paid for the article, it’s a win win situation. It is like getting free advertising for your website.

How to start a blog read more here
How to write an ebook for Kindle on Amazon read more here.
How to make money as a freelance blogger read more here

#10 Make Money Quick with Selling Your Goods

Crochet? Can? Bake? Grow Food? Woodwork? Make Beauty Products? Sew? Crafty? Make jewelry? Candles? You can make money by selling your goods. If you are wanting to sell baked or can goods, check your local laws to see that steps you have to take first (don’t want you getting in trouble with the big man). Whatever your item you have for sale, create a brand for yourself, a ‘theme’ if you will and some eye-pleasing packaging to display your products that will make what you have for sale stand out from the rest.
Places where you could sell your goods: Local stores, Farmers Markets, Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist, Craft Shows, Fairs, Church Bazaars, Salons, with Friends and Family, just about anywhere you find people. You never know, you could get so big you will need to open your own store!

15 Quick Ways to make money from home, selling your goods

#11 Make Money Quick with Cooking for Others

You don’t know how many people I know that would love to pay someone to make them a home-cooked meal. How many times have you been tired after a long days work and just didn’t feel like cooking but hated the thought of eating fast food- again? Several times I have bought baked-goods from my friends as well from cupcakes to birthday cakes, this is a perfect bartering skill as well.
For more information about how to start a home catering business Click here.

# 12 Make Money Quick with Your Livestock

Put your animals to work for you; Chickens? Sell eggs, meat, fertilized eggs, or baby chicks. Bees? Sell honey, honey sticks, bees wax, Lotions with wax, pollen and propolis. Goats? Milk, Cheese, Meat, and kids. Whatever your livestock is, monetize the surplus. You don’t have to have a lot of land  to make an income from your livestock. We live on 1/4 acre and sell our eggs from our 11 chickens (5 dozen a week @ $4.50 a dozen), honey sticks from our bees, selling the  kids from our two milking goats, goat milk soap, etc. Not only does it pay for feed and supplies, we also make a little pocket change.

15 Quick Ways to Make Money from Home by charging your livestock rent.

# 13 Make Money Quick with Organizing, Party Planning, and Promoting

Are you a neat freak? Do you love to organize? Do friends and party guest compliment you on your decorations when you have a party? If you answered Yes to any of these questions then you can make money from home!

Read more about how to become a professional organizer by clicking here 

# 14 Make Money Quick with Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Do you have a love for animals? Well then this job is just for you. As I am writing this post, we are in the process of looking for someone to house-sit when we take a vacation for a week to Disney. When we first started homesteading, one of the major things we never factored in was not being able to leave our home- not that we ever get to- but still. We have to check for eggs several times a day, milk our goats twice a day, let the dog out to use the restroom and make his dinner, make sure the bees have water daily, and feed the worms. You just can’t ask any random person to accept that responsibility and we know it will cost a small chunk of change when we do find that special person, but the peace of mind knowing our farm family is well taken care of will be worth every penny. If you have a love for animals and the willingness to train to care for them you could make decent money doing what you enjoy and helping families take care of their loved-ones when they are gone.

Dog walking is very popular in the cities but is gaining popularity in urban areas as well. This is a wonderful job where both you and the dog get a little exercise and fresh air.

Learn about what to charge for pet-sitting or dog walking by clicking here 

# 15 make Money Quick with Selling Your Harvest

I am no stranger to starting my own business but this is the first year I’ve sold at a farmers market, and I have to say- it is very addictive. It has many pros and cons but the pros far outweigh the cons. It is a great way to make money from your land, and you don’t have to have a lot of land to make it happen. You can sell a little of everything or specialize in one thing, the key is to offer something unique but not so different no one will buy it, the general rule of thumb for pricing is to double wholesale cost.
If your city/county allows it, you can set up a roadside stand right on your property, apply for a vendors license to sell on the road, or sell at Farmers Markets, you can also sell directly to the local chefs. In South Carolina, we have a Cottage Law that we fall under so we can sell our produce.

15 quick ways to make money from home by selling your harvest


Check the going rates for produce in your area daily (it changes from day to day) visit the United States Department of Agricultural Marketing Service here


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15 Quick Ways to Make Money from Home; Part 2


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