15 Quick Ways to Make Money at Home: Part 1

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15 Quick Ways to Make Money from Home

15 Quick Ways to Make Money from Home: Part 1


We’ve all been there, you need money for something and are flat broke. You’re either: between jobs, your paycheck is two weeks away, you just had to pay rent, you missed work because you or the kids were sick, or you had some other expense that took precedence. You need money now so what do you do? I have made a short list of 15 Quick Ways to Make Money from Home to help you out.

I am in my mid 40’s and I have been self-employed since I was sixteen years old. I am not rolling in the money, I don’t own a platinum credit card (or any credit card for that matter), but I have never needed money and not been able to figure out a way to make it quick.  These are my Top 15 Quick Ways to Make Money, they’ve worked for me and some of them should work for you.

If you would like more: details, help, guidance, motivation, a swift kick in the rear, contact me and I would be happy to help.
My favorite quote by Zig Ziglar  said “In order to get what you want in life, help enough other people get what they want”.
We are all in this together and there is room for everyone.

#1 Make Money Quick with Yard Sales

There are two ways that you can make money from a Yard Sale –  Host a Yard Sale and Shop at Yard Sales.

Hosting a Yard Sale. My kids call me the Yard Sale Queen and I love Yard Sales. I have too many tips to mention in hosting a yard sale so if you would like to know more read my post From Trash to Treasure How to make money at a yard sale. I hosted a Yard Sale last month and I made $400.00 and change, not bad for staying home and selling stuff that I no longer wanted and was cluttering my home.

Make Money Shopping at Yard Sales. But Amber, I thought this article was about making money not spending it? Follow me for a moment.  Go to yard sales towards the end of the sale (times of sale are generally posted on signs) and play Let’s Make a Deal. People don’t want to put their yard sale stuff back in the house, they want it gone. You can buy baby items for $0.25 a piece or sometimes buy a whole bag of clothes $5.00.  Then you turn around and take those clothes to a consignment shop and make $7.00 for an item you bought for less than a quarter! People do this all the time and there is nothing wrong with it.  My friend buys designer purses and clothes then sells them on eBay.  She makes a killing! Baby items are the biggest seller but you can do this with household goods, too.  Just have a good eye for quality and become an expert at haggling.


15 Quick ways to make money from home, hosting a yard sale


 #2 – Make Money Quick with Craigslist/Paper

I cannot tell you how many times I have bought something off craigslist, taken it home, added a little spit and elbow grease and resold it for a nice profit. Craigslist and the paper also have a FREE section that you can get items for free, fix them up (some things don’t need fixing at all) and resell them either on Craigslist, the paper or take to a local consignment shop. Timing plays a key when making a profitable flip.  For instance, don’t try to sell a fireplace in June or a pool in December.  Try to predict demand.

My Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for your safety when dealing with the public.


Many people are turned off by buying or selling on Craigslist because of all of the media hype over the crimes. Personally, I think there is a risk in life no matter what you do. Be smart when dealing with people you don’t know.

Never meet someone:

  • alone
  • in the dark
  • at off or odd hours
  • at your home (if it can be avoided).


  • meet in a public place
  • Look for a county meeting place normally by a police department
  • meet in daylight
  • have your phone
  • take someone with you
  • don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal you are uncomfortable with.

# 3 – Make Money Quick with a Green Thumb

Outside of receiving something for free and reselling it, plants and vegetables may offer to be the biggest return on a cash investment you can make. People are seeking out organically grown plants, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. You can get a pack of seeds for next to nothing (or take clippings from already existing plants) and sell a 4″ pot from $2.50 each & up. 4″ potted herbs cost $4.00 each where I live, small sunflowers are $2.00 per stem, and vegetable plants start at $2.50 but most are $3.98. Small growers usually don’t bother with organic certification (which is expensive), but you should be able to demonstrate to customers that you don’t use toxic chemicals on your plants.

You can start by saving your seeds from the organic produce you are getting from the farmers market, store or garden and planting them during the right time.

For more information on seed-starting and growing from seed read these great articles from Common Sense Homesteading here

Start seeds at home to sell and make money. !5 quick ways to make money from home. Start seeds at home to sell and make money. !5 quick ways to make money from home.


#4 – Make Money Quick with Bartering

I know what you’re thinking – How does bartering make you money? In my opinion, saving money is just as good as making money. So if I can save $50.00 by bartering for something I need, then I can use that $50.00 for something else.
Over the years I have bartered for: Doctors’ visits, Dental Work, Attorney services, Chiropractor visits, Haircuts and Colors, Webpage design, Massages, Golf, Vacations (read How to Take a FREE Vacation Here), Furniture, Restaurant Gift Certificates, Landscaping, Printing Services, Photography, and so much more.

In order to get these services I have bartered with: Karate Lessons, Yard Work (raking leaves), Painting, Haircuts, Cleaning Supplies, Lotions/Soaps, Auto Repair, Produce, Eggs, Plumbing, Electrical, Woodwork, Furniture Repair, Babysitting, House-sitting –  whatever it takes, as long as I felt confident I could provide quality services they need.

You won’t know if you don’t ask. The people I’ve bartered with don’t have a sign hanging outside their building saying “Barters Accepted” next to their Visa sign, I had to ask. When I am interested in something and I find out the owner/provider needs something I can provide, I simply ask if they are willing to barter, it’s that simple, the worst they can say is no.

When bartering you can offer:

  • dollar for dollar
  • time for time
  • product for product.

If you would like to learn more about bartering read this article from A Return to Simplicity called The Lost Art of Bartering

#5 – Make Money Quick with Cleaning

One of the businesses I owned was a cleaning service, and it was one of the easiest businesses I’ve ever started. All I needed to start was cleaning supplies, some business cards and word of mouth. I began by telling my friends and neighbors the services I had available: Private Residential, Vacation Rental, Business, and New Construction Cleaning. I created a price list to give to potential customers (do your research with local services in your area to find the going rate for services) and offered referral discounts. I stopped when I became too busy to accept new customers.

A lot of local businesses are always looking for a good, dependable cleaner and most of them will  want you to clean at night after they close so that can leave your day free to spend with family or work at another job. The average house took me 1-2 hours to clean and I would make a minimum of $50.00 per house; I would even take my baby with me in a pack and play while I worked so I never had to hire a sitter.

To learn more about how to charge for your cleaning services click here


15 Quick Ways to Make Money from Home b y Cleaning


#6 – Make Money Quick with Dumpster Diving

Now before you put on your old clothes and gloves let me give you a fair warning, collecting something from the dumpster may be illegal in your area so check with the laws first.

In our area, the recycling center has a swap shop that you can go and get items for free that were too nice to throw away that are free for the taking. Many areas also perform a neighborhood cleanup and place their unwanted treasures by the road for trash removal. Both of these ideas are the perfect opportunity of turning trash into treasure and making you a little extra $$. Always ask permission before taking something left by the curb and never leave a mess after rummaging for hidden treasurers

#7 – Make Money Quick Online

If you find yourself on the computer throughout the day, believe it or not, you can turn your time online into making money for you. There are several companies that will pay you for taking surveys, product reviews, rate websites and more. I have several friends that make money doing this so I know it to be true.

I have actually participated (as a customer) in one where I asked for public opinion about my website. This company sent the link to my website to some random person and asked them a series of questions and then sent me the response. That person who reviewed my website for 3 minutes got paid! Mind you, you cannot possess enough hours in the day to buy a new house from this, but a little spending money always helps out, no matter how small.

Another way to make online money is to offer services to bloggers. I  pay a close friend (a very small amount) money to edit my post for me – I love ya girl! I know other bloggers who pay $100 and up per week for Virtual Assistants to help with social media, editing, etc. Becoming a VA could actually earn you a full-time income.

To learn more about ways to make money online read this article from Christian Personal Finance, 5 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

To learn more about becoming a Virtual Assistant click here 

#8 – Make Money Quick by Teaching Others

Everyone has a talent/gift/skill that others are willing to pay for. Find that talent, gift or skill and offer it to others for a fee. Are you book smart, can you tutor? Teach English? Party Plan? Help organize? Teach how to can food? Make lotions? Teach how to sew, knit, or crochet? Or even teach someone how to use the computer?

I can’t tell you how many times I have said “I’m willing to pay someone to teach me ____” or “I would pay someone to do ___ for me”. Two of the most recent things I have said out-loud (and meant it) that I would be willing to pay for is for someone to organize my craft room and for someone to teach me how to sew and follow a pattern.

To start, hone in on a skill, talent, or craft you are good at.  It could be anything from bread-making to music lessons. If you don’t know what your special ‘gift’ is that you can share with the world, ask your close friends and family what is the one thing that you do that they wish you could teach them. Then figure out a fair price for your time, develop a lesson plan, create a business card and or flyer, and spread the word that your services are available.

I started teaching workshops about how to make your own green cleaning supplies several years ago. At first, my friends and I all gathered at my house and I would share recipes and we would make them together, then other people showed an interest in learning what we were doing; I realized quickly I needed more space and stumbled onto something the public wanted to know more about.  In my workshops, I teach others step by step how to make their own non-toxic cleaning supplies and give them a small recipe book. I always require a minimum of five people and generally make around $250.00 per workshop. It’s all about finding your passion and sharing it with others.


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